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To tell a great brand story, launching of a new product or the logistic procedures of operation, animation production is a video clip creation that can help to deliver the message and have better communication with customers and media. Example products: - Commercial Animation - Product Demonstration Animation - Company Introduction Animation - Event Promotion Animation - Cartoon Animation - Medical Animation - Instruction Animation - Internal Education Animation - Educational Animation


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Animation Workflow

2D Animation Production

1. Script Writing :
According to client's idea, we would prepare the script and confirm with client; Client could also provide their own script.
2. Art Design ( Character Design, Mood Design...)[If any] :
Some animation would have several key characters, we could design and create in client's expectation, and the character is also important to their brand building. Client could use the character to link up all promotion materials like, animation, poster, website, gifts, etc.
3. Storyboarding :
A storyboard will show the key screen of the animation, in order to let the client understand the flow of animation. Once the storyboard confirmed, the animation will be produced in storyboard direction, this is an important stage.
4. Animatic [Not necessary] :
If a storyboard is not enough to understand the flow of the animation, we could also provide a rough animation, we called it as Animatic. It just has simple motion without effects.
5. Animation Production :
After every stages before, we would start animation production. During the production, the animation could be shared to client stage by stage to confirm the ideas.
6. VO Mixing[If any] :
7. Sound and Music Mixing


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